Do Food Expiration Dates Really Matter?

A second area of development lies in the Near East, and a third includes the plateau and mountains of Ethiopia. In these areas wild field peas have been found, along with many cultivated forms of P. Vast areas in southern Russia and southern Europe still have large tracts of field peas growing wild. The garden pea was an early introduction in northern Europe and Asia and as far west as England and east as far as China. The varieties known a thousand years ago had seeds that were much smaller, dark colored from the modern garden peas. They were an ideal supplement to an early hunter gatherer lifestyle that was just beginning to transition into agriculture. They were durable, easily carried and their germination lasted for several years. They needed only a short season to produce food for both man and animals and flourish in soils too poor for early cereal grains which were being adapted to early agriculture at about the same time. No doubt that during times of scarcity of animals to hunt, peas became a chief source of protein. Primitive garden peas have been found during excavations beneath houses of the Swiss lake dwellers around Morssedorf, Switzerland dating back to both the Bronze and Stone Age.

Shelf Life, Storage and Can Codes

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To soak or not to soak Sowing sweet peas into root trainers Credit: Jonathan Buckley Most trials have proved that soaking seed overnight is not necessary and you get better germination without. You do not need to nick the seed coat either. Long roots form in Rootrainers Credit:

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Classic 4th of July Recipe — Salmon, Potatoes, and Peas Posted on by nhcg-admin While hamburgers and hot dogs are typically part of every July 4th barbecue, consider this classic New England 4th of July menu of salmon, peas and potatoes, dating back to almost Revolutionary times. New potatoes make the best potato salad with very little boiling, and for a festive touch you can splurge on a variety bag of red, white and blue potatoes.

Add some chopped onion and a few dollops of mayonnaise and you will soon wish you had made twice as much. Fresh peas can be eaten raw or flash-boiled. Pop them into the potato salad or eat them by the forkful with butter and salt. And for dessert, serve fresh strawberries — perfect on their own or with ice cream. This entry was posted in Newsletter and tagged Camping Recipe. Featuring vacation and seasonal campsites, cottage and lake rentals.

Westward Shores is the perfect lakeside getaway for you and your family! Relax on your own, or join us for activities and events scheduled throughout the season.

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In return, you pledge not to restrict others’ use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents or other means, and to include this pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives. Peas are sown in spring – they’re pretty hardy, and we sow our first ones in modules in a cold greenhouse in February , planting them out as soon as they’re an inch or so high if you sow outdoors, mice tend to steal the seed. In mild areas, you can sow hardier varieties in autumn for early crops the next year, though we’ve found that a spring sowing usually catches up and crops only a little later.

Tall peas are are a little more work in that you need to provide supports,but you get a much, much bigger yield from a given space. Beware that some of the older varieties will grow to 6 foot plus in fertile soil! Dwarf plants about 3 ft tall that make extremely sweet peas right at the start of the season.

– The standard wrap around label for the number or can (sizes of today’s canned peas) first used. Prior to this, most labels didn’t wrap around the side of the can/tin. c – .

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Wando, and Alderman Fall pea crops are finicky and many gardeners end up with mixed results. But, for the reward of an extra crop, the minimal effort and expense is well worth the gamble. The trick is to finish the harvest before a hard frost. To determine when to sow your fall crop, check the days to maturity for the pea varieties chosen and count backward from the expected first frost date.

Outstanding winter pea crops can often be grown in Zones Sow Peas Thickly Preferably in wide rows. Peas grown close together shade out weeds, keep the soil cool, increase yields, and make the most efficient use of garden space. Simply broadcast the seed in the row, allowing the seeds to fall as they may, some even touching.

A Guide to Expiration Dates

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The cultural methods are virtually the same for all types of peas. Vegetable Gardening in Mississippi Southern Pea Field pea, cowpea, and protepea all are names used for the southern pea There are numerous types and varieties with. Trick or Treat funny.

The entire plant has the appearance of great antiquity, and well it should, for this is considered one of the oldest surviving strains of peas in England, dating perhaps from the Elizabethan period.

Lathyrus odoratus Sweet Pea Sweet Pea Lathyrus Odoratus Native to the Mediterranean region, Lathyrus odoratus Sweet Pea is a bushy or climbing annual noted for the delicious scent of its lovely flowers. Blooming in a wide array of enchanting colors, Sweet Peas deserve a spot in sunny borders, containers, on arches and trellises where they will happily twine and release their fabulous scent. Sweet Pea flowers feature one large, upright, round petal banner or standard ; two narrow side petals wings ; and two lower petals forming a boat-shaped structure keel.

They are born on winged stems clad with pairs of medium to dark green leaflets. The stems end in tendrils which enable them to climb. Blooming in clusters, they make magnificent cut flowers and great bouquets for your home. Sweet Peas grow and bloom best in cool, mild climates where they enjoy a long blooming season, extending from spring to fall.

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Humidity can be a factor in speeded-up deterioration. The FDA notes that taste, aroma, and appearance of food can change rapidly if the air conditioning fails in a home or warehouse.

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