Father of Modern Yo-Yo Visits Raleigh

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State Archives of NC. Above, a group of city officials is seen posing with yo-yos on the steps of Raleigh City Hall around Pedro Flores, the Filipino immigrant responsible for the revival of the yo-yo. He is seen second from left, closest to the camera.

All Duncan Yo-Yos and the accessories are made in the U.S.A and are all New Old Stock condition wise. I inherited these Yo-Yos and accessories from my late grandfather after his death in He purchased all of these new and had them ordered from “T & Co.”.

Yo-Yo Contest Patches are one of my favorite types of memorabilia. These were usually awarded as prizes at yo-yo contests. They were also given away as promotional items at times. Most of the patches out there are from Duncan. Remember, the Cheerio patches don’t even say “Yo-Yo” I’m looking for more contest patches from all of the yo-yo companies, but especially from Cheerio and Ja-Do. This Duncan patch is also pictured above on the back of the trickbook.

I’m looking for one in better condition, because this one is stained. The Ja-Do and Cheerio patches are probably at the very top of it. But for the most part, if it’s a Yo-Yo Related patch, I want it!!! If the patches are still attached to the sweaters, don’t remove them.

Pedro Flores (inventor)

Yo-yo Background A yo-yo is a toy that has two disks connected together and sandwiching a long string. Traditionally made of wood, the disks are now commonly made of plastic. Attached to the center of the disks, the string winds, unwinds, and rewinds, while attached to a person’s finger. The specific origin of the yo-yo is uncertain. Early versions of the toy have been placed in China, Greece, and the Philippines.

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Sep 28, I also sold a variety of yo-yos at the Kalamazoo County Fair, including many of the new Yomega “clutch” yo-yo’s when they first came out. I still have my own small collection of yo-yos, some dating back 50 years. I was delighted to see the “Gypsy Yo-Yo” trick come out, and have used it as an excuse to show the Sunday School kids some of my early yo-yos wood, metal, plastic including my original red Duncan Imperial. I later switch ed that yo-yo out for an identical red Duncan Gypsy Yo-Yo, and used it as a part of a standard “God restores the broken pieces of our life” of routine based on the famous Romans 8: By the way, when you order the Gypsy Yo-Yo, you do not know what color you will get.

However, it is easy online off Amazon. Be sure to practice the trick well before performing including carefully doing the “prep. The Gypsy Yo-Yo effect is fantastic- it would be almost impossible to duplicate at home as the machining for it is quite remarkable.

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Building on “the original and world’s 1” yo-yo, Duncan is focused to be the brand leader in high quality toys for learning and fun. Pedro Flores starts making yo-yos in Santa Barbara, California. Duncan forms a rival yo-yo company. Duncan buys out Flores and acquires the trademark on yo-yo name. Duncan becomes the dominant yo-yo maker through the use of contests and demonstrators.

In , the Duncan Company moved to Luck, Wisconsin, which quickly became known as the “Yo-Yo Capital of the World” producing 3, yo-yos per hour. They produced the original maple wooden yo-yos using 1,, board feet per year.

Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Then and now Monopoly was first issued by Parker Brothers in , though there is some controversy about who invented the game. Some say it was Charles Darrow during the Depression; others say it was originally Elizabeth Phillips who called it The Landlord’s Game, patented in Like many games and toys, the look has changed over the years.

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Yoyo Pro-yo by Duncan

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The first yo-yo boom started in Chicago back in the early s when Donald F. Duncan, founder of Duncan Yo-Yos, teamed up with newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst. They promoted and ran yo-yo contests throughout the city.

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Duncan Toys

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Inexpensive fixed-axle yo-yos usually spin between 10–20 seconds, while expensive ball bearing yo-yos can spin about 1–4 minutes depending on the throw As of , the world record sleep times were minutes for fixed-axle and minutes for transaxle yo-yos.

Some modern yo-yos also offer new features such as gears, which make it easier for users to perform tricks. Retailers and yo-yo manufacturers are gearing up for to be the biggest year for the toy since , when nearly four million were sold in Britain — the equivalent of one for every three children in the country. David Strang, the managing director of Wicked Vision, the distributor of Duncan yo-yos, said: We are up about per cent at least — ten fold on the sales we were having a year ago.

A ten-year old has never really seen one, but his older cousins, father and grandfather have. I think video games and the internet left yo-yos behind. A player can flick a switch which allows the yo-yo to spin for far longer than normal once it has hit the bottom of the string. Sarah Hobson, toy buyer at Argos said: In the week after Christmas Argos witnessed demand for the toy shoot up by more than per cent, as kids rushed out to spend their Christmas money.

The modern version took off in when an entrepreneur Donald Duncan took over a successful Californian toy company, and started Yo-Yo competitions to encourage the craze. In the s his factories were making 3, yo-yos an hour and by the Duncan Company alone sold a record 45 million yo-yos in the USA — a country at the time with just 40 million children.

UK and Spain

I received a promotional item in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. Back during this phase, Alexander took a like to the yo-yo as well however he was just a wee little dude and really just like to tangle the string and take it apart. Hard to believe that was 3 years ago. Since that time, he has coveted every yo-yo he has had the chance to play with.

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Worlds Smallest YoYo Mini Duncan Imperial Unboxing and review.