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I also included two other blues that were worth comparing. The difference between all four polishes was hard to see in the bottles, but once applied one the nail their true colors became more noticeable. The blues I used from left to right: First Mate’s formula is a bit thicker than the others but still manageable. And I love the fact that in can cover in one thicker coat. In the bottle it’s harder to see, but once on the nail the difference between the navy blue of First Mate and the royal blue of Dating A Royal is quite clear.

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There are differences between Opi and Essie nail polishes which can make a difference in which one you choose. Opi Brushes- Opi polishes have a wide thick brush that can make it easier or harder to paint your nails depending on their shape. If you have small nails the brush of this brand will probably not work well for you — if you are painting your nails yourself.

Small nails require smaller brushes for easier application. Of course if your nails are being painted by a professional it should be a smoother application overall. Bigger or regular nails are perfect for Opi brushes.

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It’s a cool day here in LA, but still gorgeous out, so I’ll be finding some excuse in a bit to get me outside. Hope you’re enjoying the day before the work week kicks in again tomorrow! Everyone was chattering about this color over the past weeks leading up to the royal wedding, and when I saw this bright royal blue, I had to snatch up a bottle! Dating A Royal is a creme finish. In bright sunlight, the purple undertones shined through, but indoors, it’s a pure royal blue – so beautiful!

Here’s a shot of Dating A Royal in sunlight: And another indoor shot, with flash: I pulled out my KS and took a few shots to compare the bag with my nails.

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Top tips for your tootsies Image: But regular pedicures can be costly, so here we show you how to rid yourself of those embarrassing cracked heels, dry skin and chipped toenails. All you have to do is follow our simple six-step guide to fabulous-looking feet. First, give your feet a good soak. Let your feet soak for 5 to 10 minutes. This will soften them, making it easier to slough away dry dead skin when you come to exfoliate.

opi nail polish Tis the season for glistening, glimmering digits opi nail polish Hot matte metal manicure in royal blue. Trending nails with diamond bling glitter dipped ://

How to get clear, healthy skin I do a lot of blog posts about nail polishes, or products I’m loving, but I don’t do many on how to get and maintain anything. I’ve been lucky enough to have been born with more than decent skin, although as an adult I’ve had more problems with my skin than I ever did in high school, and as such, I’ve spent most of my young adult life on the search for the perfect skin care regimen.

I’ve found some really great, reliable skin care products, and I’ve found a routine that really works, so long as I stick with it. The number one rule with skin care is that you have to stick with it, you cannot skip steps or “ease up”. If you skip steps, your skin will notice and you will pay the price. After that golden rule, the number one rule is wash your face twice a day. Make up remover wipes don’t count, and I find that they often leave a residue on your skin which, for some, can clog pores.

If you really want to get on the road to clear skin, scrubbing your face twice a day is an absolute must. This goes for when you’re home sick, too. I know it’s awful, but try to wash your face, at least once a day, even if you’re feeling awful.

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Minty Green Nail-Polish Comparison And if you would like to submit a request, I bought mine years ago,

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) report has been released and has revealed how one Indian cricketer who has yet to be named has been tested positive for banned substances among the BCCI accredited players tested.

The eventful history of this city began when a major flood in AD threw open the estuary at Kochi, till then a land locked region, turning it into one of the finest natural harbors in the world. Kochi thus became a haven for seafaring visitors from all over the world and became the first European town-ship in India when the Portuguese settled here in the 15th century.

The Dutch wrested Fort Kochi from the Portuguese in AD and later in the last phase of the colonial saga, the British took over, the town in During ‘s, Fort Kochi peaked in stature as a prime commercial centre and its fame spread far and wide – variously as a rich trade centre, a major military base, a vibrant cultural hub, a great ship building centre, a centre for Christianity and so on.

Today, centuries later, the city is home to nearly thirteen communities. Overnight will be at Cochin. Breakfast will be at hotel. Proceed for a sightseeing tour of the Cochin city. Old Cochin area – this is one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world. The Jewish community traces its history to nearly years ago. In the community numbered and today there are fewer that 30 people. Built in and reconstructed after a Portuguese bombardment in , the synagogue is distinguished by its tile roof and bell tower.

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Corporate social responsibility[ edit ] Group-wide sustainability plan[ edit ] L’Oreal announced a new sustainability plan in , which they hope will help reach the goal of 1 billion new consumers by by producing more products with less environmental impact and helping customers make sustainable lifestyle choices. The main commitments to achieve by include: Feel Better” project, a charity which was formed over 16 years ago to help women combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment.

This centre is devoted to evaluating the quality of the products without testing on animals.

I also picked up a few China Glaze polishes, including two from the Hunger Games collection, a Zoya polish (my first!) and a couple Essie colors. I also grabbed (and was so excited to see) the OPI Avoplex High Intensity Hand & Nail Cream and the Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go, as well as an OPI polish.

Glisten and Glow Ridge Relief base coat review Hello my dear readers! I literally have not blogged in 5 years! Initially I was going to test this on my toes which I still will, I just won’t post photos of my feet! But once I took off my acrylic nails I realized I had been plagued with some ridges on my beloved little baby nails. So I have ahead swatches of this on my natural nails.

So here are my naked nails before I did anything to them. I know nasty and dry. So sorry, if you hate nails that look like this, please keep scrolling. I’m not even kidding. It dried amazingly quick for starters and left my nails still looking that semi-matte natural look. So if you love having naked nails but, don’t want to be fully naked and have ridges, well, this base coat is for you. I also feel that this base coat made my nails look brighter.

It filled into those ridges nicely.

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Sparitual een merk met hele mooie nagellaken die tevens iets terugdoen voor de wereld, dus nu hoef je je niet meer schuldig te voelen als je weeeer een sparitual nagellak koopt. Sparitual lakjes zijn verkrijgbaar bij de Sparitual Salon, ik ben heel erg blij met de service van Nail fanatic, je wordt hier echt heel fijn geholpen je kan ze mailen info studionailfanatic. Spatitual is now available in the Netherlands, Sparitual is a brand that does not only focus on the outside but has a strong aim on the inside as well as the balance between the inner and outer you.

It is well known that color has a strong influence on the way you feel, Sparitual also gives their polishes very in my opinion special names.

Essie Tlc. Essie Tlc Treat Love And Color – Strengthener Collection Over 5 Years Of Research. $ Essie Tlc. Essie Tlc Treat Love And Color – Strengthener Collection Over 5 Years Of Research.

Take 2 Wasn’t exactly happy with my first comparison post because I knicked one of my nails and god, it looked ugly. On my index finger is Essie Smokin’ Hot and I have paradoxal on all the other nails. Here, you can see that Smokin’ Hot looks more like a blurple kind reminds me of OPI Sapphire in the Snow from the swatches I’ve seen online while Paradoxal reminds me of eggplant.

This picture is for comparing the base colour. I guess depending on the angle you look from, the two can appear to be similar in colour, especially when the polish ain’t getting much light. Close up of the two so you can see the shimmer of Paradoxal vs the creme finish of Smokin Hot. Honestly, I kinda prefer Smokin’ Hot in terms of colour. It’s just a tiny bit darker and it really makes a world of a difference. It looks so much more dark and mysterious.


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Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles Okay, so it’s a bit hard to start on a challenge to expand my musical horizons with an album that I’ve heard many, many times. To get a fresher perspective, I did some background reading on how the album was conceptualized. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club band was The Beatles’ eighth album, and was ultimately the band’s declaration that they were done being the world-touring, matching suit-wearing group of guys that has composed each of their prior records.

They had originally aimed for a release that focused on songs themed around childhood and everyday life — Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever were released as singles ahead of time with this theme in mind. The plan was scrapped in favor of a suggestion that they establish an alternate identity — Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band — where each Beatle could adopt a separate personality and produce songs without worrying whether or not they “sounded like Beatles songs”.

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mezmerised Deep Royal Blue Nail Polish, Nail Color, and Nail Lacquer by Essie. Essie nailpolish in “Mesmerize.” Essie is my favvv! Essie Blue Coral. See more real dating asian woman dating asian women asian women for marriage how to find a wife online dating and chat asian mail order dating chinese women famous dating sites thai wife.

This mani is dedicated to my sister because she loveees these sorts of designs. Heh, I don’t even know what to name this mani French Maid or Gothic Lolita? I didn’t really like this mani at first, but it totally grew on me the longer I wore it. I’m in love with this polish, it’s so pigmented and works great with Konads!

The most important of all is that it’s super cheap and affordable! D Oh, and the Konad designs are from plate m A lil step by step tutorial for you to recreate this design at home: Paint the base colour on. I used a sheer pink for this mani, but you can also try other colours such as white or purple. After the polish completely dries, stamp the Konad design on near the tip of the nail.

Use a striping brush and black polish or acrylic paint to draw lines across the nails.

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